Our Team

Dr. Michelle Wing Chiu CHAN
Founder of Mic Mic, Migenies Ltd. / Senior Clinical Psychologist / Artist


“Your Heart Matters: It is the Wellspring of Life.”

– Dr. Michelle Chan

Grown up and educated in Hong Kong and Sydney, Dr. Michelle loves to immerse herself both in the serenity and awe of Nature as well as the vibrant and energetic impulses of city life. Having worked as a clinical psychologist in the hospital, university and private practice for 14 years, she has been practicing and applying Mindfulness and Focusing (mind-body awareness processes for enhancing emotional intelligence, cultivating self-compassion and sustaining balance in life) since 2007 and 2010 respectively in her personal life, fine art practice, and clinical practice in the past 10 years.

Dr. Michelle finds beauty in the hidden treasures – the inner resources, wisdoms and potentials, in people’s minds and hearts. With Mindfulness and Focusing practices, she appreciates and captures this true beauty by crystalizing them in her creative art expressions. In particular, with her artwork and music, she loves to capture moments of resilience as well as delicate, intricate emotions and feelings in us, for this is what makes us all human and connects us all.

Dr. Michelle finds meaning in taking people for a mindful journey into their inner worlds to explore and discover the hidden treasures from within, through psychotherapy, experiential psycho-educational workshops and programs, her music, and artwork.

Dr. Michelle conducted research in positive psychology and neuropsychology. She has authored and co-authored in academic research papers and psychology-related publications. A research paper on neuropsychology that she co-authored, was awarded The University of Hong Kong’s Research Output Prize. She has provided clinical supervision to clinical psychology trainees from the University, social workers and other mental health professionals.

Via Mic Mic, an authentic and heart-warming platform, Dr. Michelle will share with you useful information and self-care tools to help you integrate your mind and heart for greater well-being from within.

Education & Professional Qualification:

  • Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Psychology), The University of Hong Kong (HKU)
  • Master of Social Sciences (Clinical Psychology, Distinction), HKU
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (Psychology, First Class Honours, Dean's Honours List), HKU
  • Master of Fine Arts, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia (Distinction)
  • Registered Clinical Psychologist, Hong Kong Psychological Society (HKPS)
  • Associate Fellow (HKPS)
  • Member of Board of Directors, The Hong Kong Focusing Institute
  • Certified Focusing Trainer, The Focusing Institute, New York
  • Certified Mindfulness-Based Emotional Balance (MBEB) Teacher
  • Certified Mindful Parenting Instructor
  • Other trainings completed:
    • Completed Emotion-focused Therapy for Individuals: Theory & Skills Training
    • Completed 7-day Intensive Foundational Training in teaching Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy from Oxford University’s Oxford Mindfulness Centre
    • Completed Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts/Arts Therapy (Level 1 to 4)